Finals Incentive Parent Info

Berkeley Springs High School
Finals Exemption Incentive

In order to earn this incentive students will need to meet the following challenges:

  1. 10 or fewer absences per class regardless of excused or unexcused coding.  The only exception will be extra-curricular activities or school functions. 

  2. 0 disciplinary referrals.  There will be absolutely no exceptions for varying severity of offenses. 

  3. Must have an A or B average at the time of award notifications.  Proposed date will be the Monday before Finals. 

  4. Must have no missing assignments or zeros in Engrade after start of implementation date of September 26th. 

Additional Information:

  1.  Students may be eligible for some courses and not others in regards to the grade and missing assignments criteria. 

  2. Students will not have the opportunity to earn exemption from Project/Practice based finals due to the extensive class time needed to complete the project. 

  3. Students who are exempt may still take the final to improve their grade.  However, the scoring of the final cannot hurt their grade. 

  4. Students who move in during the second semester will not be eligible for the reward.

  5. AP students are required to take the AP exam therefore cannot be exempted.