2022 WV Family Read Week

West Virginia Family Read Week, set for November 13th - 20th, 2022, is the perfect time for families to unlock the Power of Reading together!

2022 WV Family Read Week Parent Guide

This fun and exciting guidebook is filled with ideas and tips to bring more reading into

your family time. The West Virginia Library Commission and your local public library
partner for a week each November to highlight ways reading can strengthen family time
and grow academic success in children.

West Virginia Family Read Week gives you the tools to add reading to your family time or
ideas and activities to expand the reading time you might already do as a family.
Parents and caregivers are vital role models in getting children interested in reading.
Studies show when parents and caregivers talk about books and read with their children,
kids develop better language skills, perform well academically, and cultivate a love for

Enjoying books together sends powerful messages about the wonders of reading,
learning, and creating. It teaches children reading happens everywhere and everyday—
not just at school. They see reading not as a chore or assignment, but as a pleasurable
activity they can do with the most important people in their lives.
The goal of this reading packet is to help parents and caregivers develop literacy skills
and to create strong readers. Simple and small interactions with adults have a big
impact on young children.

Reading is the best way for children to develop literacy skills and boost their vocabulary.
When reading books, we often encounter words that are not commonplace in day-to-day

For West Virginia Family Read Week, we encourage you to not only read with your child
but to visit your local library together to discover the many offerings it has for keeping
your family reading beyond this week.